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Why you need business printing

Everything printed and branded to keep your office and staff working at their best.

From daily administrative printing to project requirements, and everything in between that your staff uses on a daily basis to complete their day to day tasks, we are here to help you.

Turn every interaction into a marketing opportunity.

Business Cards

A business card is such an under rated marketing tool that holds your business details, such as name, contact details and brand logo. Your business card design is an essential part of your branding and should act as a visual extension of your brand design. It is the simplest way of exchanging contact details during key business meetings.

A single sided business card is the most cost effective option, but does not have to be plain and boring. Our design experts will help you pick the best option from the list below, and walk you through every step.

  • Vertical or Horizontal
  • With or Without Lamination
  • Square or Rounded Corners

Double sided business card are a slightly more expensive option, but offers double the design and infomation space. Our design experts will help you pick the best option from the list below, and walk you through every step.

  • Vertical or Horizontal
  • With or Without Lamination
  • Square or Rounded Corners


Whether your business is a customer facing business or not, name tags are such a vital part of daily doings of all businesses and corporates. They help create a better and more personal interaction between staff and customers and can be used as a branding tool.

Our high gloss 3mm sublimation MDF Name Badges are ideal for high quality branded name badges that consists of a logo and name.

The final result is a high gloss, high quality image with a magnetic clip. We stock a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your brand.

These are a great value option ideal for corporate events, meetings, conferences, conventions, parties, exhibits, and trade shows.

Featuring an easy-to-load pocket style design, the durable, PVC plastic badge holder is reusable and displays names or information clearly that is printed on normal print paper.

For a superb finish these name badges have a dome finish added. The dome is a resin which is added to the badges to give a superior effect.

It creates an established look and feel that is ideal for corporates and customer facing retails and service businesses.

Office Printing

Office Printing is the best way of creating a consistent Corporate Identity.  Your Corporate Identity is in short the public’s perception of your business, and can help build a constomer following, thus contributing to success.

It allows your business to be recognisable to both its target audience and potential customers, which encourages them to select you over your competitors.

Brand stationery is essentially stationery for your company or brand that is designed to display your logo and company name, sometimes also brand colors, slogan, and other elements. It’s an important aspect of your brand image and it turns every business interaction into a marketing opportunity.

A printed letterhead is as important as the brand, in that it represents a company and can impart a first impression to its potential customers. Therefore, a letterhead must look as  professional as the service or product that the business delivers.

It also serves a very important purpose as it provides all your important information on a single document, like you address, contact details, and business registration information.

Emails has not replaced every single part of communications, and there are still so many documents that need to be posted or hand delivered. These include, account statements, notice letters, agreements, certificates, and thank you letters.

The envelope it is sent in is just as important as the document in it. Let one of our design experts help you find a cost-effective solution. 

Printed folders make great handouts during trade shows, business meetings, marketing proposals, and signed contracts. It serves the purpose of spreading your business’ name and brand image while packaging your brochures, inserts, leaflets and other materials.

Calendars are used by everyone to keep track of important dates and events, and because they are useful, your customers will display them and look at them every day. A calendar on your customers desk is the easiest way of keeping an open channel of communication between you and them.

Books and Booklets

The introduction of computers and other technology in the workplace have not left paper obsolete when it comes to day to day working. Many studies have shown that personal preference to an enhanced productivity tool like notebooks are bigger than ever.

A practical and quality notebook that is branded creates a feeling of pride in all staff. Let one of our design experts help you create a personalised business notebook that is a joy to work with, great to look at and easy to write in.

Notebooks are such a great branding tool in addition to just being a productivity tool. Nothing creates brand consistency better than all your staff taking notes at your clients, in a branded notebook.

NCR books are much cleaner to use than normal carbon paper, so your invoices will stay smudge-free, clear and professional looking on every copy, plus having your branding on it creates a more personal interaction and marketing opportunity with your clients.

Tell us how many copies you need, and we will make it happen. An NCR book allows you to not only make the normal duplicate copy, but you can create multiple copies of each original, helps with your filling, as well as giving your customer a copy.

There is no better tool to showcase your company’s capabilities and trackrecord than a printed company profile. It is such a personal booklet that can be handed out with pride at all your important client meetings, as well as creating a great reference for staff and training.

Giving convenience and accessibility. Majority of people say it’s easier to browse through products in a catalogue, rather than in-store or online. It is lightweight, easy to use, portable and packed full of information. All this makes a printed catalogue a formidable selling tool.

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